From a simple hinge pin used on a sub-sea connector through to a high precision component used in a turbine in the power generation sector, our special fasteners are produced using materials sourced from accredited European and American steel mills.

The diversity of our manufacturing capacity enables us to produce bespoke fasteners and CNC machined components for use in a wide range of demanding environments.

Our products include Special Bolting and Bespoke CNC Machined Parts manufactured in any thread form (metric or imperial) such as:

  • Bolts & Screws: Hexagon, 12 Point, Socket, Slotted, Square
  • Studs/Studblots: Double ended, Waisted, Collar
  • Nuts: Hexagon, Round, Capnuts, 12 Point, Slotted, Barrel
  • Washers: Round, Square, Spherical, Spring, Taper, Tab
  • Machined Parts: Clevis Blocks & Pins, Tie Rods, Shafts, Spindles

We are able to supply full certification and traceability on all of our products. We also offer our customers a complete service including NDT, heat treatment or surface coating.

We have NO MINIMUM BATCH QUANTITY and will meet all your quality, delivery and cost requirements including third party inspection if required.

For more information, contact us or browse through our product galleries within the Sectors pages of our website.