Committed to excellence! Committed to excellence!

Wulfrun have a long proven track record in the supply of bespoke components for a diverse customer base.

Whatever the industry, what ever the demands, we are able to satisfy your requirements in terms of the level of service offered.

As a service orientated company, we strive to offer quality products and flexible lead times to our customers.

We can offer a 24 Hour emergency manufacturing service where components are required to cope with unplanned breakdowns and production stoppages.

Fasteners Products


Bespoke Components

Wulfrun Specialised Fasteners Ltd prides itself on its ability to manufacture bespoke products and components to a large selection of different industries. All our products can be certified to ...


Pipeline & Process Equipment Components

Wulfrun are proud to hold the API 20E certification. We have worked with some of the world’s biggest oil & gas companies on large projects to smaller bespoke or refurbishments ...


Motorsport Components

Wulfrun can manufacture special components specifically for the Motorsport industry, these ranges from wheel studs to fine pitch hexagon headed parts in a variety of materials, such as high tensile galvanised ...


Gas Turbine Components

We work closely with global power generating companies involved in nuclear, coal, gas & hydro-electric power plants. We also supply businesses manufacturing for the renewable energy technologies such ...


Steam Turbine Components

We work closely with global power generating companies and for nuclear, coal, gas & hydro-electric power plants. We also manufacture for companies that are involved with renewable energy technologies ...


Machined Components

Wulfrun are able to offer a wide range of production options to suit your unique requirements in terms of quantity, type of product and material. Our fully equipped machine shop combines both manual ...

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Demanding environments Testing and certification

All products can be supplied with Testing and Certification to suit your specifications and requirements.

We have a long history of working with UKAS approved Test Houses to Certify requirements for either Destructive or Non-Destructive Testing when required.

Testing can include Chemical Analysis, Mechanical Test, Ultrasonic Examination, Magnetic Particle Inspection, Dye Penetrant, Shear Testing, Stress Corrosion and Salt Spray Testing.

Products can be released with Certification against your Testing and Inspection requirements. Where specified we can offer Third Party Witness by inspectorates such as Lloyds, DNV and TUV.

Certification can include Certificate of Conformity, 3.1.A, 3.1.B, 3.1.C and Original Mill Certification.

the highest standards Quality assurance

Wulfrun Specialised Fasteners operate a formal Quality System accredited by LRQA to BS.EN.ISO 9001-2000, however, the Company is able to integrate customer specific standards and Quality System requirements to ensure continuity with your demands. The Company Quality System lays down mandatory procedures and controls for all elements of our supply from full traceability on material purchase, to order completion, and is further complimented by our on-site XRF spectrometry of all incoming material and finished products.

Our fully equipped inspection facility is complimented by our Co-ordinate Measuring Machine which allows us to perform intricate inspection operations, enabling us to produce detailed dimensional reports.

As most of our products are used in Quality Critical applications it is imperative that we supply a high integrity product to our customers, therefore Quality Assurance is an integral part of every process of our supply, and Wulfrun continue to invest heavily in this field to ensure total customer satisfaction.


Raw Materials

Wulfrun have many years experience in the manufacture of bespoke components in a wide range of materials. Our range of strategic bar stock gives us the ability to offer a rapid delivery response time in order to meet customer requirements. Our scope of supply includes, but is not limited to.

All manufactured components can be supplied with full material certification, to ensure full traceability of components throughout the production and certification processes.

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